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Join Us For Conversations

Join us on Wednesday nights for Conversations! We will have a church wide meal at 6 PM. The adults will be in a series called “Longing for Heaven.” As believers we are citizens of heaven. But do we know what heaven will actually be like? Sadly, most of what is spoken about heaven in our culture is inaccurate which leaves many Christians with wrong misconceptions and beliefs about heaven. So our goal in this series is to discover the biblical picture of what heaven is like and why it is a place we should desperately long for. Teaching and discussion for adults will take place from 6:45 PM-7:45 PM. There will also be programs for students and children that go from 6:30-7:45 PM. We hope to see you there!

Ash Wednesday Service

Tonight after Conversations we will have a special service in the chapel for those who wish to traditionally observe Ash Wednesday. Please feel free to join us for this special time.

Conversations Potluck Soup Night | March 4th

On Wednesday, March 4th, we are having a potluck soup night at Conversations! Bring a crockpot of soup to share! We look forward to seeing you there. Thanks so much for helping make this night possible!

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for a place to serve and use the gifts God has given you here at Gashland? Please consider joining the Children’s Ministries Team as we seek to share the hope of Jesus with the next generation. You can indicate your interest on the Communications Card during the offering or stop by our table after each service on Sunday for the next few weeks. We’ll be having a brief Informational Meeting on Sunday, March 8th, in Rooms 108/109, directly after the 2nd service. Contact or with any questions.

Care Team Needs Volunteers

The Care Team is in need of several volunteers to visit our home or facility-bound church members who are no longer able to attend church services. We request that one or two visits be made monthly to one of our friends. Please contact Kay Bowin or Barb Lynn to volunteer or for more information.

2019 Memorial Funds Expenditures/Projects

At the February congregational meeting, a request was made for information regarding expenses from the Memorial Fund. Below are the four projects funded by the Memorial Funds in 2019.  All were Session-approved.

  1. The congregation was advised at the February 2019 Annual Meeting of the Session-approved sabbatical for Pastor Ritchey.  Included in that communication was the matter of funding from the Memorial Fund. $3,599.79
  2. The congregation was also advised of the security needs throughout the entire campus including security equipment.  The Session approved funding from the Memorial Fund for the costs of these non-budgeted items. $5,936.10
  3. The Session approved funding from the Memorial Funds for updating Worship sound and equipment for non-budgeted items. $839.84
  4. The Session approved an entire overhaul of the Nursery with the non-budgeted cost being paid for through the Memorial Funds.  This will be a two year project started in 2019 and completed in 2020.  The 2019 expenses were: $3,148.43.

Support work of EPC & Presbytery

Gashland is a member of our denomination Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and the MidAmerica Presbytery. Gashland benefits from our association each year. Our Pastors and Leaders are engaged, participate and are committed to their growth and health. To help offset the costs of EPC and the Presbytery, member churches are asked to voluntarily contribute each year. That support is called Per Member Asking. The total cost for their operations is about $38 per member for all members of all member churches. Gashland contributes $38/member for all of our members by making four quarterly payments throughout the year. Our 2020 budget assumes that most of our members will voluntarily contribute $38/member or $76/couple. Please consider making a contribution today. Please add “Per Member Asking” to your check or giving device. We are grateful for your consideration. Thank you.

Women’s Ministries  

Women’s Day of Prayer Save the Date

Back by popular demand! Save the date for the Women’s Day of Prayer, Saturday April 4th from 8:30-2. This is a day to spend time in quiet, in prayer, and in fellowship. Details and registration to come!

Service Opportunities & Donations  

March Mission Collection for City Union Mission

We will be collecting for City Union Mission for their Shelter’s supply, new and gently used Jeans and Pants for those in need. City Union is asking for help collecting Jeans and Pants for their guests. All sizes, men, women, boys, and girls are needed. Also, they are in need of underwear as well as Canned Fruit. To make things easier for dropping off, Joyce Grady will park her beige Sedona Van from 9:30 -10:55 A.M. by the patio on the east side of the church on the following Sundays: March 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. You may also drop off your items at the Mission Box across from the Mission Board by the Chapel on the 2nd Floor. Thank you and God Bless!

Spring Adult Sunday School Classes  

March Mission Collection for City Union Mission

Ephesians | Teacher: Kelly Dunn | Room: 217-218
Paul’s Letter to the church in Ephesus is a concise yet comprehensive summary of the good news and its implications. The entire letter is a magnificent combination of Christian doctrine and Christian duty—faith and life—written that we might recognize the hope to which we are called. Class notes are emailed (or some other way provided) weekly with useful information for the upcoming class. The class will be encouraged to apply truths covered in our study as we study Ephesians in the quarter.

Pray Always | Teacher: Mark Lancaster | Room: 219
During the Sunday School hour, we will gather to talk to the Lord. There will be a short lesson or scripture reading, then we will pray for what anyone would like to bring. Whether you pray out loud or to yourself, you will find others who believe that praying together and praying regularly are important.

College & Career | Teacher: Derek Williams & Eric Adams | Room: 220
College and Career will be looking at “Hot Topics”, studying what the Bible says about them and discussing what the Christian response has been and should/could be. Come and be a part of the story!

The Men’s Class – Contentment | Teacher: Christ Taylor | Room: 221
Many Christians struggle with comparison, covetousness, and complaining which generally stems from a lack of contentment in their lives. In this class we will examine Biblical contentment and learn, as did the Apostle Paul, how placing our trust in God can transform us so that we can live confidently and securely in times of both plenty and want.
This class is for men only so that we can address the unique issues facing Christian men today by sharing in an open and secure environment.

Living in Light of The Love of the God of Love | Teacher: Bob Williams | Room: Reception Room
In 1983, Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, “And if I were called upon to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire twentieth century, here too, I would be unable to find anything more precise to repeat once again: Men have forgotten God.” Have men forgotten God? Have we? We have all seen “John 3:16 posters” at sporting events. Who is this God that is referenced in John 3:16? And how does He love the world? And, if we understand the answers to those two questions, how should it affect the manner in which we live our lives? How should it affect our relationships with Him? With our families? With the Church and other Christians? With those who are outside the Church? In this study, we will examine who God is; the nature of His love; and how that should impact our lives, vocations, ministries and worldview.

Israel, Jesus, and the Church | Teacher: Matt Martinie | Room: Fellowship Hall
A common question asked by Christians today concerns the relationship between Israel and the church. Most of the Old Testament is the story of the nation of Israel, and that story continues in the New Testament – from Jacob’s name being changed to Israel in Gen. 32 to the gates of New Jerusalem inscribed with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel in Rev. 21. But the relationship between Israel and the church is a highly debated and oftentimes confusing issue in theology. Are Israel and the church distinct entities? Are they one and the same? Is there a continuum of continuity and discontinuity between the two? Do the promises of God to Israel find fulfillment in the church? And how does the Messiah fit into all this? Where do we see Him foreshadowed in the Old Testament? Join us as we wrestle with these complex and sometimes controversial teachings of Scripture, looking to Jesus as the key to our understanding.

Church Wide Calendar

Please do not use this calendar to plan events at Gashland EPC. If you have a date in mind for your event, but need to know if there are possible conflicts with private, non-GEPC events, please call the church office and speak with our office coordinator, at 816.436.3583.

Visit our Events & Facility-Use page to learn more about planning an event at Gashland EPC. Please note all event inquiries should be made by phone or in person with our office coordinator. 

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