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Join Us For Our Fall 2017 Conversations Series

Please join us every Wednesday night for Conversations! We will continue in our series, “Mixed Feelings: Understanding the Good and Bad of Everyday Emotions.” We all have emotions, but often times we don’t know what to do with them or how to handle them well, which often causes problems in our everyday life. This begs the question: how do we manage our emotions well? Come and join us to find out, as each week we will take a look at a different emotion and how God’s Word gives us wisdom and insight in handling that emotion well. This series will feature interactive discussion as we engage with culture, everyday life, the heart, and the gospel. Our meal begins at 6:00 in the Ministry Center and activities for students and children are offered so that the whole family can join us on Wednesday nights! See you there!

Join us Sunday, December 24, For Our Morning Worship Service and Christmas Eve Evening Services

This year, Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, and so, we will have a combined worship service in the Ministry Center at 10:00, Sunday morning. There will be no Sunday School that day.

That evening, we will have two Christmas Eve services in the Sanctuary at 4:30 and 6:00. Come join us for this special candlelight event that gives us a final opportunity to reflect upon the gift of Christ before Christmas morning.

Offering Your “Treasure” | Prayer Update and Online Submissions!

We have seen God grow our church in many ways over the past year and as we look to 2018, we believe God is doing a work in our Initial Care (outreach and evangelism) and Strengthening Care (challenging ourselves to grow in needed areas).  We also believe He is calling us to minister to the Millennial Generation in a unique way this year.  We are trusting God to provide for the things we will need, and we ask that you prayerfully consider how you might participate in that plan. 

You can access the “Offering Your Treasure” process online at, or you can pick up a card in the office. 

Gashland Office Schedule During Christmas and New Year’s Day

Christmas and New Year’s Day is around the corner and the Gashland administrative staff would like to keep you informed of office hours! The office will be open until noon on Friday the 22nd. We will be closed Christmas Day and have limited hours (9:00-12:00) on Tuesday, December 26th. We will reopen with regular hours on Wednesday the 27th. The following week, the office will be closed on Monday, January 1st in observance of New Year’s Day. If you have any questions please call the office at 816-436-3583.

Read the Bible In a Year | 2018

Have you ever read through the Bible in a year? For 2018 we are encouraging the Gashland Family to take up this challenge together. If you would like to take up this challenge, you can sign up on the back of the communication card, in the lobby, or at Printed Reading Plans for 2018 will be available in the lobby. Or if you would prefer a digital copy you can download a pdf at Will you join us in this challenge?

A Huge Christmas Tea Thanks

What a beautiful evening for over 165 women- over half being visitors to GEPC. The women’s ministry team wants to thank specifically Barb Ryczek, Beth Schupp and Lisa Miller for their behind the scenes planning of the event. But also a huge thanks to the over 20 table hostesses, 6 greeters, and close to 20 men who served the women of this church. The name of the Lord was magnified, hearts were encouraged, and GEPC loved its visitors well, pointing all the women to the foot of Jesus during this advent season. Thank you.

Women’s Day Circle 

Women of GEPC- This is a reminder that we do not meet in December, but will resume our study of The Ten Commandments again on the third Tuesday of January.

Winter 2017-2018 Sunday School Classes

The Life of David in the Psalms

Teacher: Kelly Dunn  

In the Life of David, we considered his peaks and valleys. Now we’ll study some of his precious Psalms.

Room: 217-218

Discovery Bible Study, the Book of Acts

Teacher: Donna Pace

Join us as we go through the first several chapters of the book of Acts using the Discovery Bible Study method. This method is a simple, interactive way to approach the scriptures. Each week we will study a passage by answering a series of questions and applying the Read-Read-Retell-Details (RRRD) formula, depending on the Holy Spirit to speak to us through His word. Historically the book of Acts recounts the first 30 years of the church. It is also a bridge that ties the church in its beginning with the church today. Studying this book will help us gain an understanding of the principles that should govern the church of any age.

Room: 219

The Men’s Class – The Song of Solomon

Teacher: Chris Stackpole

The Song of Solomon is a text not widely studied. Some Jewish customs forbade the reading of it until one was married or 30, yet spouses were highly encouraged to read it together monthly. For many, it’s confusing. Not many men would dare compare their wife to a horse or say her nose is as big as a tower! So how are husbands to understand this book of romantic poems? This semester the men’s class will be looking at the three popular interpretations and how this book encourages us to be the husbands God has called us to be.

Room: 221

This class is for men only so that we can address the unique issues facing Christian men today by sharing in an open and secure environment.

Book of Judges

Teacher: Jeff Van Der Weele

For the winter quarter, we will be studying the book of Judges. The judges were leaders of Israel after Joshua. Many of you know the life and work of one of them, Samson. Fewer of you may know the life and work of another one of them, Gideon. Some may know that of Deborah. We will be looking at the twelve people that God used to ensure that His people would worship Him in the land He gave them. As we live our lives today, we will see gifts for service and pitfalls to avoid.

Room: Reception Room

The Book of Hebrews

Teachers: Matt Martinie, Peter Marshall, and Mike Brink

The Book of Hebrews is a wonderful book, richly expounding the work of Christ and demonstrating His superiority in every way. He is the culmination of all the types and shadows of the Old Testament; in the person of Jesus, we have a better revelation, a better mediator, a better priest, a better covenant, a better sanctuary, a better sacrifice, a better promise, and a better example. The message of Hebrews, replete with warnings and hope, draws together many theological strands of Scripture and weaves them into the glorious tapestry of Christ. Please join us as we seek to grow in our faith through the study of the second half of the Book of Hebrews.  

Room: Fellowship Hall

College and Career Sunday School Class

Teachers: Derrick Williams 

The Bible is a tapestry of little stories. We will be continuing our walk through the Bible, finding how these little stories are connected to make one big Story. And so it came to pass…Come find out how!

Room: 220

Ministry Opportunities 

Christmas Caroling

Please come and join us Sunday evening, December 17th from 5:00 until 7:00 as we share the Christmas joy of our Savior’s birth with our members. We will meet at the church at 5:00 and divide up into groups, go caroling, then return to the church for hot chocolate and cookies. Hope to see you there! Please contact Connie Sommer (816) 516-1730 email or Marlene Weatherford (816) 734-8133 email with any questions.

Women’s Precept Bible Study Starting

Ladies, please join us for an in-depth, inductive style study of the book of Nehemiah. The class will start Thursday, January 4, and will meet weekly at 1:30-3:00 PM in room 217-218. The cost will be approximately $15 for this eleven-week study. Please contact Lisa Miller by December 26 if you are interested in participating so that materials may be ordered in time for distribution at our first class. You may reach Lisa via email at or by phone at 816-813-1236.

Donations & Service Opportunities 

December Mission Collection for City Union Mission

We are in need of Jelly to make the PB&J Sandwiches for City Union Mission. Gashland hosts a PB&J making group for the City Union on the 2nd Tuesday of every month starting at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. If you have time, come by and give a helping hand! These sandwiches are delivered to the City Union on the same day to be served to those in need. If you would like to donate, please leave your donation in the Fellowship Hall Kitchen on the 2nd floor or in the Missions Collection Box located in the Chapel lobby on the 2nd floor. Thank you and God Bless!

Church Wide Calendar

Please do not use this calendar to plan events at Gashland EPC. If you have a date in mind for your event, but need to know if there are possible conflicts with private, non-GEPC events, please call the church office and speak with our office coordinator, at 816.436.3583.

Visit our Events & Facility-Use page to learn more about planning an event at Gashland EPC. Please note all event inquiries should be made by phone or in person with our office coordinator. 

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