Events Communication & Process 

Thank you for your interest in using Gashland EPC’s facilities as the location for your event or group meeting! Gashland EPC is always open to fostering new relationships within our community through events and group meetings held on our grounds. 

Broadly speaking, there are two types of events that can be held at Gashland EPC. Your first step is to determine which category your event or promotion fits in. If your event is organized by one of the ministry team sat Gashland, it is likely a church-sponsored event. If your event does not benefit a ministry or is not planned by a ministry team at Gashland, it is likely a facility-use event. If you would like your event to be included in announcements or promotions, you will need ministry team sponsorship to have it be an official Gashland EPC Ministry Event. If you have any questions about where your event or promotion fits in please contact the Ministry Communications team HERE.

*To update or cancel an event or activity complete an event update/cancellation form HERE Please note all updates, changes and cancellations must be submitted with 1 week notice for our Office Coordinator, Coordinating Team and Property Team to have ample time to review your request or cancellation. 

Learn More about GEPC’s Event Process:

Please read through the event descriptions and step-by-step processes in the drop down boxes below to help you as you plan your event. 

Church & Ministry Sponsored Events

Church & Ministry-Sponsored Events Definition

These events are planned and coordinated by one or more ministry team members at Gashland. Therefore, church-sponsored events must be consistent with the mission, vision, and values or Gashland. Below you will find the form that will help you aquire ministry team sponsorship for your event. *Only church sponsored events are eligible for promotion through our communication vehicles.

If you are a member of a ministry team and are wanting to just reserve a room or resource for a standard team meeting, please call the church office to speak with Emily, our office coordinator, or email her HERE with your request. 

Examples of possible church-sponsored events:

Adult Education Classes 

Large Retreats and/or Training Events for Teams, Men & Women

Children and Student Ministries Programs

Prayer Meetings & Bible Studies 

Ministry Staff Events Needing Approval from a Team.

The Process for Church Sponsored Events:

1.) An Event Leader Submits the Event Sponsorship Request Form online. Please submit all forms to request Ministry/Church Sponsorship for your event at least 8 weeks before your event or activity.

2. ) A Ministry Advocate will contact you regarding your event within 1 Month of submitting your Event Request Form.

3.) Wait for GEPC sponsorship approval on your event

4.) You will be contacted within 10 days with the status of your event approval

Facility-Use Events

Facility Use Events

These events are coordinated by non-GEPC individuals, church members, or groups and held on the grounds of Gashland. *Please note that Facility use events will not receive promotion through our communication vehicles because they are not affiliated with and do not have sponsorship from a Ministry Team at Gashland. The Individuals, church members, or groups hosting the facility use event are solely responsible for all communications concerning their event. 

Examples of facility-use events:


Boy/Girl Scout Meetings

BSF Bible Study Fellowship


Birthday and Anniversary Parties 


Individuals and organizations may request permission to use Gashland facilities. *These events are not promoted through GEPC communication vehicles. All facility use must have prior approval from the coordinating team. Approval is based on, but not limited to:

a) consistency with mission and vision of the church

b) if leader is a member or non-member

c ) costs associated with the usage

d) potential building security issues

e) staffing needs

Facility-use events are a secondary priority to church sponsored events. Therefore, it is essential to schedule facility-use events as far ahead of time as possible. The Communications Team recommends requesting approval of facility-use events at a minimum of 8 weeks in advance, with the exception of weddings, we cannot guarantee a facility use request date more than 6 months out.

All facility use events are subject to review to make sure there are no conflicts with Gashland EPC official events. All GEPC ministry events take priority over non-GEPC facility use events.

Most facility-use events will be charged a set-up and cleaning fee. The charge varies based on the size and nature of each event and can be found at the bottom of the Facility Request form after entering all information about your event. Charges are due one-week prior to the event.

Q: Why don’t we promote events unless they are church/ministry sponsored and approved?

A: Because Gashland values the scope and unity of the whole church and the simplicity of communications, we have to limit the events and activities we promote. Therefore, we will only promote events and activities that originate with or are sponsored by a ministry of Gashland.

If you would like an event or activity promoted that is not connected to a ministry at Gashland, you should seek to partner with one of our existing ministries. For Example: if you would like to host a class on men’s health, consider presenting your idea to the Relationships Team for inclusion in that ministry’s strategic plan.

Process for Facility-Use Events:

  1. Review available dates and times over the phone or in person with the Office Coordinator (M-F 9:00 am-1:30 pm)
  2. Submit your facility use form online at or in person with the Office Coordinator (M-F 9:00 am-1:30 pm)
  3. Provide your Security Deposit to our Office Coordinator within 48 Hours of submitting your facility use request form during her office hours. (M-F 9:00 am-1:30 pm)
  4. Receive a confirmation email of the dates and times of your event from the Office Coordinator.
  5. Submit final payment 1 week before your event to the Office Coordinator in person during her office hours. (M-F 9:00 am-1:30 pm.)

For your Reference: 

Every GEPC ministry has a ministry advocate, a staff member/appointed ministry team member responsible for that ministry. A ministry advocate serves that ministry and its leadership, while also maintaining proper accountability to church leadership for what happens in that ministry. They also help that ministry to create a strategic plan.

A strategic plan is an annual plan created by each ministry and implemented for each fiscal year (which begins each January 1). The strategic plan helps that ministry facilitate events and activities consistent with its mission and with the mission of the whole church. It also contains all events and activities for that ministry. *The number of events and activities for that ministry will be determined by the ministry advocate and church leadership based on its priority within the scope of the whole church. Finally, the strategic plan is approved by the ministry advocate and church leadership before implementation.